Progressive or Perfect Progressive

an action in progress
around you at the moment indicated behind you for some time up to the momentindicated
I’m going in for boxing now. I’ve been going in for boxing for a week.
We realized she was crying. (tears running down her cheeks) We realized she had been crying. (dry but swollen eyes)

8. Choose the correct variant from the brackets.

1. We had to wait because they ___ still ___ the suit. (were ironing/ had been ironing) 2. When we came they ___ already ___ dinner. (were having/ had been having) 3. We ___ (were walking/ had been walking) in silence when we heard a Progressive or Perfect Progressive loud cry. 4. I ___ (was waiting/ had been waiting) for several hours when the telephone rang after all. 5. She looked around and saw that a car ___ (was parking/ had been parking in front of her house. 6. They informed me that they ___ (were trying/ had been trying) to trace the criminal since the day of the murder. 7. Last Sunday I ___ (was lying/ had been lying) in the sun all day long.

Simple Progressive Perfect Perfect Progressive
simple facts, simple or repeated, with exact time actions in progress between the beginning and the end actions viewed in retrospect, in close connection Progressive or Perfect Progressive with the moment actions in progress viewed in retrospect
She always helped people. Oh, she’s helping you again! She’s never helped me. How long have you been helping her?

9. Insert the proper tense form of any suitable verb.

1. She ___ always ___ when I see her. 2. I ___ right now. 3. We ___ just now. 4. The children ___ football all day long yesterday. 5. The children ___ the piano from 4 to 5. Our family ___ in Moscow for ten years, then ___ to Voronezh. 6. The football team were awfully tired because they ___ while it ___ drizzling. 7. The dog __ till I __ angry and told him that I __ kick him if he __n’t Progressive or Perfect Progressive stop it. 8. Mother __ sandwiches in the kitchen and ___ any sounds. 9. The festival __tomorrow in the open air if it __ as heavily as it __today. 10. I __ homework for some time, ___ TV and after all ___ to bed later than everybody ___.

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